William Wilmotte is a registered Architect, who received his degree in 2003 from the Paris School of Architecture, Belleville.
He embarked on his professional career in Rio de Janeiro where the mayor invited him to work on a slum (favela) rehabilitation project. This project was featured prominently in the main newspaper of the country. It was during this journey that he met Oscar Niemeyer, who was to later become a major influence on his architectural vision.
He proceeded to work in Seoul, designing a house for an art collector and retains an enduring love for the architecture of Korean temples and palaces. He was then called back to Paris by his clients to redesign a number of houses and apartments.
His work came to the attention of Bruce Kuwabara, one of the founders of KPMB Architects in Toronto, one of the most prestigious architectural studios in Canada. He was invited to join the international design team to design the new headquarters of the Manitoba Hydro company located in Winnipeg. This building, which is still one of the most energy efficient buildings of the world, received several North American awards, including the "Best Tall Building Award America" awarded by CTBUH of Chicago in 2009.
Attracted by the architectural splendor and dynamism of Lyon, William Wilmotte settled down here on his return to France in 2007, and some months later, founded the architectural and town planning studio WW ARCHITECTURE.
In 2009, he conceived a remarkable design for renovating the Pavillon du Parc de la Tete d'or in Lyon and also built a beautiful chapel in the south of France that some discerning visitors have called a "little jewel".
In addition to his talents as an architect, William Wilmotte also has a vocation for teaching. He has taught at the School of Architecture Paris-La-Seine and at the Advanced School of Engineering and Construction Works at Metz.