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WW ARCHITECTURE is a Lyon-based architectural and town planning studio created by William Wilmotte in 2008.
The agency designs and executes architecture, interior design and town planning projects both in France and overseas.
WW ARCHITECTURE projects are known for blending simplicity with a sweeping architectural vision. These projects also demonstrate an ongoing commitment to improving the spaces they inhabit. WW ARCHITECTURE incorporates the notion of sustainable development into the very heart of its projects. As a result, each project sets forth its own set of unique and innovative solutions and proposals.
Each project works towards enhancing the beauty of the building materials, framing the best views, bringing the best lighting, details and greenery to the forefront... These are not simply things we enjoy doing - rather, at WW ARCHITECTURE, these are things that we must do.
It is this seriousness of purpose combined with the creativity of the artist that continues to win the hearts and minds of WW ARCHITECTURE clients.