design of the bv house in Aix-en-Provence

 view of the southern facade
 view of the entrance facade
 projected view of the living room

Private general contractor
Net habitable space: 188m²

The project consist of designing a contemporary house in a gorgeous greenery and coolness place in Aix en Provence�: the Pinchinats small valley. Two of the most beautiful bastide of Aix en Provence are located around the site in this small valley, located in the North/East of Aix en Provence�: le Pavillon de Lenfant and La Gaude.

The existing house is not interesting. It will be demolished and replace by a contemporary and timeless house merging with the natural landscape. Our contractor considers indeed his garden as the most important room of his land.

WW ARCHITECTURE's project design is minimal. The new house will be on the same level. Its elevations will be overlayed with a contemporary lime coating. The house will also have an extensive green roof for a perfect insulation and to echo the nature around.

The composition of the house results from the will to enhance the existing place.The living room is situated in the heart of the house, it is a crossing space from the entrance courtyard to the garden in the South, it also articulates the two main volume of the house.The kitchen and the dining-room are located in the west volume. The rooms are in the east volume. The west volume is revolved with an 12° angle in comparison with the east volume in order to offer great views on the existing swimming pool from each important room of the house. The incline of the west volume contribute also to accentuate the perspective toward the garden. A filter with vertical metal blades, corten steel finish, indicates the entrance façade, on the north side of the house. This metal filter contributes to separate visually the two main volumes of the house and to bring privacy to the living room. In order to have almost no limit between the interior and the exterior of the house, the south façade is almost entirely glazed with sliding aluminium frames, corten steel finish. Large terraces with dry stone low walls extend the house outside. Theses granulated concrete terraces are sheltered from the summer sun with green steel pergola.