renovation and extension of the VB house, caluire, 2017

 Projected view of the house entrance
 Projected view of the new kitchen
 Projected view of the new dining room
 Projected view of the new bathroom

Client: Private
Delivery: 2017
Design + Execution + Management

The project involves the renovation and extension of a contemporary villa designed by Yves Bourcharlat in 1999. The objective of the project is to highlight the existing house and to enlarge it with the creation of an extension. The project master wished refined rearrangements, elegant and very neat in the details.  Thassos marble and Carrara marble were chosen for the bathrooms. The new furniture will be lacquered white mat or dressed in black stained brushed oak panels. A work of art was designed specifically by Frédéric Khodja and echoes to the architectural spirit of the project.

Inside the existing house every spaces has been thoroughly embellished in order to meet the new needs of the Client. The extension has been created in symbiosis with the architectural writing of the existing house in order to give the impression that she makes part of the original construction.

Finally the outdoor space in front of the house and the beaches of the swimming pool will be enhanced by the creation of a limestone pavement that visually extends the interior of the house to the outside.