embellishment project of the park "les halles" for lyon parc auto, lyon, 2017

 View of the rooftop garden
 Global view of the project
 View of the car parc from the East entrance of "Les Halles Paul Bocuse"
 View of the work art from the entrance of the car parc
 View of the bar on the rooftop
 View of the rooftop entrance
 View from the top of the roof
 Sanitary of the rooftop

Client: Lyon Parc Auto
Delivery: 2017
In collaboration with Mengzhi Zheng, Artist
Team: WW Architecture / MGV Conseil MO / Anne-Laure GIROUD / Concrete / Barbanel
Control office: SOCOTEC

Interview of William Wilmotte:<cite>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKtpIP0OhFE</cite>