Aerial view ⓒPHOTO LPA
 View of the pre-existing roof
 Plan of the 7th level - 1.200th
 Rooftop terrace plan - 1.200th
 Transversal cut - 1.200th
 Global view - ©DuthoitLiardoAnaïs
 View from the forecourt "Renée Richard"
 New staircase view
 New staircase view
 Core view from the bottom of the roof
 Canopy view
 Central void view
 View of the roof terrace from the North access
 Garden view
 Garden view
 Module view
 Garden view
 Garden view
 Core view from the top of the roof
 Detail of the new staircase

Client: Lyon Parc Auto
Delivery: 2019
In collaboration with Mengzhi Zheng, Artist
Team: WW Architecture / MGV Conseil MO / Anne-Laure GIROUD / Concrete / Barbanel
Control office: SOCOTEC

The design project is to make accessible the building rooftop to the public, with the rehabilitation of 1700m², that were previously inaccessible. One of the main constraints was to strengthen the roof existing structure in order to allow the latter to support the new public (that means 400kg / m² in operating charge against 250kg before) as well as the new facilities weight including the new staircase and the garden.

Because of the stairs size serving the rooftop, access controls were installed at the two roof accesses, in order to limit the people number to 99.

The walkway removal, before connected to the mezzanine, allowed us in 2014 to create a glass roof in the building lobby, in order to expose, from the hall, the singular building architecture. This architecture is characterized by a central distribution core giving access to parking spaces arranged in a spiral around. This gap, however, stayed covered by an unsightly metal roof. As part of the roofing project, we replaced this metal roof with a very refined glass roof to bring natural light down to the building.

We also designed a new metallic staircase to connect the two roof ends. The upper end of the roof is delimited by a glazed railing in order to open it as widely as possible on the landscape. The latter is mainly composed of the auditorium roof and the Part-Dieu tower behind. It is also a symbolic way to extend the building spiral structure ad infinitum...

The artist's work includes two sets: ribbons and modules / sculptures.

There are several yellow ribbons: a first, like a line, underlines the graveled concrete railings for the building facades. Two larger ribbons wrap around the central distribution core, from the bottom to the building top.

The artwork includes ten modules on the roof, made of yellow powder-coated metal frames and solid white Corian panels. These modules are like sculptures that can be crossed. They provide framing on the surrounding landscape. One of these modules hosts a refreshment room. There are also tables and seats to accompany the modules.

The 600 m² garden is structured by wooden paths strategically focused on distant views. The different size plantations, are carried out into bins called "bacsacs" so as not to overload the roof.

In the project framework, the exterior elevator was renovated, it allows direct access to the rooftop from the East forecourt of the "Halles Paul Bocuse".

Interview of William Wilmotte:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKtpIP0OhFE